Newaves Innovations, a world class organization located in Warri, Port Harcourt and Abuja the nation’s capital city, with the drive to set the pace for sustainable development and excellence in Nigeria. Newaves Innovations specializes in organizing top notch corporate events locally and internationally that seeks to map new transformations, enable ongoing dialogue, and support the search for solutions to pressing national issues.

We are committed to providing an extraordinary platform for promoting and rewarding excellence in the Niger Delta with each award designed to leave a lasting impact on the recipient while inspiring them for greater accomplishment in the interest of society and the region at large. We bring together the best from the oil rich region in all field of human endeavor and acknowledge their contributions to the region’s development.


We are determined to continue our partnership with the public and private sectors while prioritizing and fast tracking excellent service delivery. Newaves Innovation promotes excellence and sustainable development across the continent and globally.