Niger Delta Achievers’ Merit Award is an initiative of NEWAVES INNOVATIONS, a world class organization located in Warri, Port Harcourt and Abuja the nation’s capital city, with the drive to set the pace for sustainable development and excellence in Nigeria.

Since 2010, several achievers from the Niger Delta region have been awarded on this platform for their support and hard work in contributing to the sustainable development of the region. Recipients are drawn from various fields of endeavor in Commerce & Industry, Media, Politics, Education, Healthcare, Humanitarian Services, Hospitality Management e.tc. These outstanding professionals and corporate organizations through their achievements have played a key role in advancing the Niger Delta while encouraging the younger generation to see greater possibilities for their own future.

We have identify that the only way to discourage violence, kidnapping and other social vices militating against development and good image of the Niger Delta region, is to reward excellence and remarkable performance in the various field of human endeavours.


We realise that in recent times, government and multinational companies concentrate on rewarding what we call the NEGATIVE IMAGE OF THE NIGER DELTA militancy in the name of amnesty without investing much in improving the well-being of the people by way of improving education, infrastructure, healthcare and other information that should caution our youth on the severe consequences that await any future violators.


Today, in our street we here names such as general this and that with so much wealth and affluence.A little child in our street may want to become like the “general” when he or she grows up, the consequences of this actions if not corrected now will have the future of our society to gloom.

There should be a paradigm shift to the POSITIVE IMAGE OF THE NIGER DELTA which showcases the true face of region as having the best brains in Nigeria society with remarkable performance in the various fields of human endeavor. Hence, the Niger Delta Achievers Merit Awards.